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Extra, Extra Tweet All About It!

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I was checking out the agenda on the website for the Digital University Conference (planned by the The Digital University Conference Planning Committee Group on the Academic Commons) and stumbled across “Conference hashtag: #du10” on the right-hand side of the page. I clicked on the hyperlink, which introduced me to another great web2.0 tool Twapper Keeper. What a great find!


For those who don’t know what Twapper Keeper is, it’s basically an archive service for Twitter that keeps track of #hashtags, keywords, and @people. Ok, so what??

Well, that means you can follow a conversation (as either an immediate conversation or extended ongoing conversation). If you want to know all there is to know about Twitter, I recommend checking out Mashable’s Twitter Guidebook.

After I finished reading some of the blog posts on the Digital University website, I read through @MattGold’s email message to those registered for the conference. This email also mentions the Digital University Conference hashtag #du10. Web 2.0 tools like Twapper Keeper act as a conduit for ongoing conversation and collaboration by keeping everything on file. Thanks to whoever found this source in the first place and for Matt explaining how to use it. This is what the Commons is all about!


By ‘this is what it’s all about’ I not simply referring to new technology. I’m referring to the understanding of that technology through ongoing conversation and collaboration for the betterment of all CUNY campuses.

OK, let me step off my soap-box now…

After I read through that email I decided to try out some other hash tags in Twapper Keeper and came across the Commons hashtag #cunycommons!!  This hashtag is a great way to preserve an ongoing conversation about the CUNY Academic Commons. Do you have a resource or information you would like to share with the Commons community?? Just tag that tweet as #cunycommons and it will show up here!

Twitter tracker, twitter tracker, twitter tracker! Speaking of which, did you happen to notice the word mention in the same sentence as @mattgold?? Spoiler alert!!


The new face of the Academic Commons is almost upon us. The latest version of Buddypress includes some great new features such as the Mention System, where members can be brought into conversations simply by putting the @ symbol in front of their username. This new filterable activity feed makes a member’s page more interactive (somewhat like Facebook), merging Status Updates with Wire Posts.

So get Twitter crazy at the #du10 Conference and get ready for some more Twitter-like features on the Commons. OK, that is all for now, but don’t worry there is more to come — and we will tag our tweets with the #cunycommons hashtag!

If you’re interesting in learning how to use sitewide tags on your Academic Commons blog check out Making Sitewide Tags Work on the the CUNY Academic Commons Development Blog.

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2 Responses to “Extra, Extra Tweet All About It!”

  1. Matthew K. Gold
    on Apr 22nd, 2010
    @ 10:16 am

    Thanks for writing about this, Sarah — we’re definitely going to need to continue to reach out to members of the Commons as we roll out this new system.

    One word that I want to introduce one term to you regarding twitter at conferences: “backchannel.” Basically, the idea is that the use of twitter provides an alternate, concurrent means of communication that runs alongside the “official” conference proceedings. Because it happens online, it has the ability to draw in others who aren’t in attendance. See this article.

    Sometimes, this has great effects: people not a conference can ask questions of presenters through twitter or make important points that others discuss. Of course, there is also a potential negative side, as we saw when danah boyd was heckled on twitter during a conference presentation. Jay Rosen at NYU has some suggestions about how to avoid that kind of thing.

    TwapperKeeper is a great way to preserve that backchannel for posterity, though I guess it has become a little less necessary now that the LoC is archiving public twitter feeds!

    At any rate, thanks for writing about the conference, about twitter, and about our upcoming site upgrade.

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