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Discount Gym Memberships @ Baruch for GC Students…

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After not keeping my new year’s resolution to eat right and exercise I figured joining a gym might help a little in the motivation department…

Upon researching some cheap gym memberships within the 5 boroughs I came a pdf that might interest Graduate Center students that are looking to join a gym. According to the membership information page from Baruch College’s Athletics & Recreation Complex website, students can use the facilities within the Complex between September 1st and August 31st for only $100.  If you aren’t a student at the Graduate Center fear not! — CUNY faculty members can also join the Complex for a discounted rate of $400 per year. Compared with other gym membership prices this seems totally reasonable. So if you decide to join Baruch’s Althletics & Recreation Complex keep a look out for me swimming laps!!

Baruch's ARC Facilities Natatorium (Pool)

Baruch's ARC Facilities Natatorium (Pool)

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