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How To: Upload Group Files

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**UPDATE 5/15/2011** An exciting new feature called “Docs” has been added, allowing you to write and edit collaboratively with members of your group. In order to avoid confusion with Docs, we’ve changed the old “Documents” tab to “Files”. All the files you uploaded to your group in the past can be found on the new “Files” tab on the left side of your group’s page.

Whether you want to post a related article, power point presentation or a record of minutes from a meeting, the “Files” tab can help members share information and collaborate. Tag your file with a category to easily access minutes, syllabi, or whatever you upload. Want to learn how to upload your files?

Just follow the instructions from the video below… or click here to view in HD.

Discount Gym Memberships @ Baruch for GC Students…

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After not keeping my new year’s resolution to eat right and exercise I figured joining a gym might help a little in the motivation department…

Upon researching some cheap gym memberships within the 5 boroughs I came a pdf that might interest Graduate Center students that are looking to join a gym. According to the membership information page from Baruch College’s Athletics & Recreation Complex website, students can use the facilities within the Complex between September 1st and August 31st for only $100.  If you aren’t a student at the Graduate Center fear not! — CUNY faculty members can also join the Complex for a discounted rate of $400 per year. Compared with other gym membership prices this seems totally reasonable. So if you decide to join Baruch’s Althletics & Recreation Complex keep a look out for me swimming laps!!

Baruch's ARC Facilities Natatorium (Pool)

Baruch's ARC Facilities Natatorium (Pool)

Somehow the Vital Connection is Made…


…anyone remember that Elastica song??

I was trying to think of a song with the word “connection” in it and opted for Elastica’s “Connection” over Kermit the Frog’s “Rainbow Connection” … Here are the videos for both in case you’re feeling nostalgic for 90’s chick alt-rock music or 1970’s Jim Henson —  Sorry for the musical references, my mtvU VJ roots run deep!  ; )

Elastica- “Connection”

Kermit the Frog- “Rainbow Connection”

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